Want Longer Lasting Fragrance? Perfume your Hair!

Dingo Temple BlendsWould you like a fantastic new way to enjoy fragrance? How about scenting your hair! Here are two options for wonderfully scented tresses:

Dingo’s Spray Perfume Mist is a wonderful way to not only get long lasting fragrance, but also a great way to impart shine to your locks. Just hold Perfume Spray Mist about 6” from hair, spraying once or twice. Great shine and fragrance! The essential oils will be absorbed into your hair, while the Perfumed Mist adds shine.

Dingo’s Temple Blends also present a superb way to scent your hair. Rub a few drops of the Temple Blend into your palms and rub into clean hair. The essential oils will be absorbed into the hair shaft for lasting scent.

Don’t worry if the fragrance is momentarily overpowering, it will diminish after a few moments. The aroma of the essential oils will linger in your hair for an understated fragrance that lasts and lasts.

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