Damask Rose Hydrosol; a new youthful scent of rose!

I remember back to a time in my life when I thought of anything containing Rose as an “old lady” scent. Roses smelled wonderful on the stem, but not on my skin! Then I smelled my first true Damask Rose, not as the prohibitively expensive Rose Otto essential oil, but as a true Damask Rose Hydrosol. Wow, nothing I had ever associated with the fake Rose scent I knew prepared me for the true scent of Rose! I learned that Damask Rose Hydrosol is composed of the steam collected from the production of pure Rose Otto essential oil, and contains the same medicinal properties as essential oil, too. What could be better than that!

So, here are the new facts:
no matter how old or young you are, you must own something with a true, natural Rose scent. The mood enhancing effects alone might be reason enough, but there are so many other wonderful reasons you need to enjoy the benefits of Rose Hydrosol!

1. Rose Hydrosol is a perfect facial toner, especially suited to dry and mature skin types. It tones and tightens pores while balancing skin.
2. Use instead of water, for powdered facial/clay masks. Rose Hydrosol acts as a humectant to help balance skin.
3. Use as a Body Spray throughout the day to stay cool and fragrant all day long! The scent is true Rose Damask without the excessive cost.
4. Rose Hydrosol is known for its ability to help cool sunburn and sooth insect bites.
5. One teaspoon added to your final hair rinse will keep your hair shiny and fragrant all day.
6. For relaxation and romance, use Rose Hydrosol as a linen spray before bed or anytime.
7. Imagine a fragrant wardrobe using Rose Hydrosol as an ironing spray or sprayed throughout your closet.

Based on all the wonderful attributes of Damask Rose Hydrosol we couldn't wait to introduce it to our clients. Dancing Dingo now offers a true Damask Rose Hydrosol made from Rose Otto. Carry it in your purse, gym bag, car, and use it any time to experience the new scent of youth (with an exquisite vintage twist)!

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