Natural Perfumes

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Natural Perfumes - Long Lasting, Pure and Wonderful!
Floral absolutes and pure essential oils create dynamic, 100% natural, sophisticated perfumes. As well as being the strongest and longest lasting form of fragrance, our natural perfumes are alcohol and chemical free alternatives to traditional perfumes. They offer all the benefits of traditional scents, yet are free of synthetic fragrance and petroleum derivatives.

Vanilla Madagascar Perfume
A gorgeous, warm and smooth aroma unique to fresh vanilla pods. Exotic and intoxicating.

Neroli Perfume
Tunisian Neroli; a smooth, rich, elegant and enigmatic scent.

Night Violet
Violet absolute blends beautifully with Cognac absolute, Jasmine absolute, and Ylang Ylang in this deep, mysterious, precious Violet perfume.

Linden Blossom Perfume
An aroma like honey, fresh and floral. The scent is reminiscent of youth; innocent and enthusiastic.

Moroccan Rose Perfume
Rose Moroc absolute (rosa centifolia) is uplifting, rich, well rounded and emotionally balancing. An intoxicatingly beautiful fragrance, Rose absolute is the supreme replica of fresh roses in bloom. It is a scent absolutely like no other.

Whisper Perfume
Floral absolutes and pure essential oils unite to create a dynamic blend of citrus, floral and woods. Neroli, rich and enigmatic, intermingles beautifully with innocent Linden blossom and fragrant Bergamot, The blend is vibrantly finished with Lavender absolute, Vanilla absolute and Sandalwood.

Tahitian Gardenia Natural Perfume
Monoi de Tahiti, "Appellation of Origin", is a Gardenia scented coconut oil from Tahiti. Hand crafted in accordance with strict guidelines, this luxurious and rich oil leaves hair and the skin beautifully scented with the delicate fragrance of Tahitian Gardenia. According to generations of tradition, open Gardenia flowers are immerse by hand into virgin Coconut oil. Using the care that nature deserves, the blooms are left to infuse their scent into the Coconut oil. The Gardenia blooms are then removed and replaced up to 12 times depending on the extraction. The result is never overpowering, but a lingering delicate floral fragrance that will leave you, and those around you, wanting more.

Lush Blossom Natural Perfume
A delicious, soft blend of precious oils of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and Vanilla (as well as other precious oils) that instill feelings of sensuality, confidence, grounding and tranquility. Lush Blossom was developed specifically for its aphrodisiac qualities.

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