Yes, Oily Skin Does Need Moisturizer! Read Why

Even if your skin feels like an oil slick, it's a bad idea to skip this essential step in your skincare regime. Here's why:

1. Many over the counter products used to prevent breakouts contain ingredients that dry your skin (benzoyl peroxide for example).  The dryer your skin becomes, the more oil it naturally produces. Moisturizer helps balance your skin and slow its natural tendency to produce more oil.

2. Moisturizers provide a barrier keeping in skin-softening hydration, and keeping out harmful bacteria, that can lead to breakouts and infections.  

3. You probably have dry spots elsewhere on your face; oily T-zone and normal to dry skin elsewhere. Not to many people have completely oily complexions. 

The right moisture for oily skin will be one that is light and specifically formulated for your oily skin type.  Look for one that is oil-free/water based to eliminate shine. A moisturizer with natural salicylic acid will help keep the pores clear to help prevent future breakouts.  Salicylic acid penetrates pores to exfoliate and help remove breakouts & blackheads while tightening pores.  A great ingredient for smoother and softer skin!

A wonderful option for oily-prone skin is Dancing Dingo’s Botanical Oil-Free Moisturizer formulated with natural Salicylic acid, Aloe and calming botanicals.  Botanical Oil-Free Moisturizer soothes irritated skin, hydrates and absorbs completely without added oils.  It’s a natural choice!

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