Emergency Animal Care Community Disaster Fund

Central TX is experiencing devistating wildfires. Please consider donating to this wonderful orginazitaion helping our four-legged friends who have been injured by this disaster!

Animal Trustees has established an Emergency Care Community Disaster Fund in response to the current crisis in Central Texas. This fund will benefit animals rescued from the wildfires, and help us provide them with emergency and wellness veterinary care. The Austin animal welfare community has done an amazing job pulling together in this time of need, thank you everyone who has donated their time and resources, let us continue in our efforts to keep all the animals safe and cared for in this difficult time.

(animals are being carried because their paws have been burned)

Your support will be vital in the coming weeks as Central TX residents return to their homes and find animals in dire need of medical care. Please donate whatever you can to help. http://www.causes.com/campaigns/175690?cause_id=43442

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