Keep Your Pets Safe This July 4th

While we get to enjoy the sights and sounds of celebration, our pets only experience confusion and fear from unfamiliar startling noises.

Ways To Keep Your Pets Calm

Follow the tips below to ensure your pet doesn't run away becoming one of the many that will go missing this 4th of July. In extreme cases, pets may cause themselves harm in efforts to escape by clawing at doors, biting door knobs, or even leaping out open windows.

Keep Pets Indoors 

Provide a safe space for your pets during the festivities. A familiar crate or favorite hiding spot needs to be available for them to feel at ease.  

Provide a Calm Environment

Speak normally around your pet, try to create white noise from a television or radio to drown out the sporadic explosions.

Update Microchips 

Pets can escape easily when frightened, so to ensure that your pet can be returned, verify that your pet's microchip is updated with your current contact details.


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