NEW! Botanical Deep Refining Face Wash
with Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids!

NEW! Botanical Deep Refining Face Wash was formulated to address the concerns of dull, dry and congested skin. We have combined an excellent blend of herbal extracts and plant based essential oils to cleanse, energize and softly exfoliate your skin. Active fruit-based Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), and Beta hydroxy acids (BHA), help skin lock-in moisture, while they speed the normal process of skin cell renewal and sloughing. The result is increased suppleness and smoothness of your skin.

The perfect choice for mature/pre-maturely aging skin, as well as for acne prone or problematic skin.

Key ingredients:
  • AHAs & BHAs - hastens you skins natural process of cell regeneration. stabilizing; humectant
  • Aloe Vera - soothes, nurtures, rejuvenates
  • Green Tea extract - provides anti-oxidant protection, very high content of vitamins B, C & E
  • Allantoin (Comfrey Root) - one of natures most powerful anti-inflammatory agents
  • Extracts of Billberry, Sugar, Bitter Orange and Lemon - offer cellular refining and toning activity
  • Aspen Bark extract - new, natural preservative, offer softness and refined pores through it's natural salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acids)

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