Why Is Facial Exfoliation So Important?

Your skin continually produces new skin cells at its lower layer, the dermis. The dermis then sends these new cells to the surface layer, the epidermis. Eventually these cells die and become filled with keratin, performing the very important function of protecting our skin from a variety of environmental stressors. Eventually these cells are sloughed away making way for younger cells.

Yet as we age this process slows creating issues for our skin; the cells collect and build disproportionately across the skin’s surface giving us a dry, dull and uneven look. Exfoliation is an important skin care step to remove the old cells, allowing your skin to reveal younger, brighter new cells underneath. Skin appears fresh, dewy, and clean. Exfoliation also allows products, such as serums and moisturizers, to better penetrate the skin and do their job.

What you should know when it comes to exfoliation:
  • Never over exfoliate the delicate skin of your face. This may cause drying, redness and irritation.
  • Always read the instructions on the product, or talk to a good esthetician about the frequency that is best for your skin.
  • Never, ever, use a body scrub on your face. They can be harsh and abrasive, unsuitable for the delicate skin of your face.
  • As we age exfoliation becomes an important part of our skincare regime to maintain a glowing, radiant look.
  • Use exfoliants gently, never rubbing to hard or tugging on skin. A light, circular motion with fingertips is best.
  • Do not use an exfoliant more often than recommended, if skin becomes dry, red or irritated.
  • Apply your favorite facial serum and moisture after exfoliating, allowing for maximum penetration into the skin.
Dancing Dingo offers Bamboo and Green Tea Scrub for facial skincare. The gentle scrub effectively removes the dull surface cells while protecting and moisturizing your skin. It is a good choice for mature as well as for problematic skin. Bamboo powder is naturally rich in silica, an essential element known for its re-mineralizing (cartilage), anti-acne, anti-wrinkles and anti-cellulite activity. Green Tea extract soothes and protects with powerful anti-oxidants.

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