Indulge Yourself!

Indulge your skin with healing plants and minerals!

1. Draw a warm bath adding a Dancing Dingo Aromatic Massage Oil to the running water. Use Rosemary & Lavender oil to relax, Geranium & Orange to stimulate your senses, or Ginger & Juniper for deep, warming relaxation. Listen to a favorite CD, light a softly scented candle, and soak your cares away.
2. When thoroughly relaxed and out of the tub, add a few drops of Massage Oil to damp skin and smooth on for added aromatherapy benefits and soft skin.
3. Pull your hair back with a headband while you concentrate next on your face.
4. Splash face with warm water and pat dry.
5. Apply a facial mask specifically formulated for your skin’s needs. A wonderful idea is to use a nourishing scrub, such as Dancing Dingo's Bamboo & Green Tea Scrub, leaving a layer on your face for ten to twenty minutes then rinse off thoroughly.  While waiting listen to music, read a magazine, or just close your eyes and relax.
6. Wash lightly with Botanical Face Wash, then apply skin-rescuing toner and a nourishing moisturizer designed for your skin type. Dancing Dingo has several hydrating toners and wonderfully replenishing moisturizers to compliment your skin type.
7. Apply a moisturizing cream to your hands, and gently push back cuticles (never cut your cuticles). Dingo’s Shea Butter Hand Cream, lightly scented with pure essential oil, is perfect for the job!
8. Apply an extremely moisturizing cream to your feet, and slip into a pair of cozy socks. Dingo’s Shea Butter Rich Foot Cream provides your feet with protective moisture and healing essential oils.
9. When you’re ready for bed, spray your pillows with French Lavender & Chamomile Linen Mist to relieve stress and induce sleep.
10. Dream wonderful dreams!

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