What Are the Most Effective Moisturizing Ingredients?

Having at least one of these ingredients in your lotion will give you significantly more moisturized skin!

Glycerin pulls water from the atmosphere into your skin, making it a humectant. Using a body lotion with glycerin helps legs, arms and hands retain necessary moisture. It is fairly rich making it preferable for body products. Glycerin is good for all skin types.

Tip: Try Cocoa & Shea Hand and Body Lotion (93% Organic Ingredients) or Shea Butter Rich Hand & Body Cream, both with effective glycerin for soft and moisturized skin!

Hyaluronic acid:
Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in skin and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! Yes, 1000 times! Having Hyaluronic acid in your day and night creams considerably boosts moisturization.

Tip: Try Botanical Night Repair with Resveratrol & Royal Jelly, Botanical Oil-Free Moisturizer and Botanical Facial Moisturizer all with moisture boosting Hyaluronic!

Our skin's natural lipid structure is made of Ceramides; basically put, they're the fat that traps water beneath skin's surface. Without Ceramides your skin cells wither. (Interesting note - Ceramide deficiency even contributes to eczema, says Dermatologist David Horne). Boost those Ceramides and boost critical hydration!

Tip: Try Dingo's Triple Ceramide Serum to moisturize and fight the signs of aging!

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