4 Simple Steps to Springtime Skin 
Winter takes its toll on us all.  

Make spring a time of renewal and rebirth for your skin, too!  

While we may be singing the praises of springtime, our skin may be singing the wintertime blues. Dry, rough heels and knees, stressed and undernourished skin on face and body; nothing is worse than low humidity combined with harsh weather and central heat to leave your skin looking dry, rough and wrinkled.

As the seasons change so do the needs of your skin.  By taking just a few easy steps we can dive into Spring ready to go and fully charged.


Skin renewal slows down during winter as the body conserves energy. The reduction in cell renewal can give the skin tone a rough, dull look.  Exfoliation brings skin back to life.  Alpha or Beta hydroxy acids dissolve old cells making way for the new cells beneath.  Try a cleanser such as Dingo's Deep Refining Face Wash with hyaluronic acid, AHA and BHA acids, and last but not least, organic lactic acid.  This potent one-two punch will rid skin of tired cells and let your true radiance shine through! 


As the weather heats up your skin's requirements change.  Winter skin needs moisture-rich creams for environmental protection.  The warmer the weather, the less necessity for heavy creams, and a lighter moisturizer is preferred. Continuing to use a heavier cream can trigger dreaded break-outs.

A wonderful all-purpose moisturizer such as Dingo's Botanical Facial Moisture can be just the trick for springtime skin.  If oily skin is a concern, an oil-free moisturizer is your best bet.  Dingo's Botanical Oil-Free Moisture with Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 is perfect for keeping oily skin hydrated and healthy.


Dull skin cannot be chalked up to just a lack of sunlight during winter months.  Cold weather can constrict blood vessels causing sluggish circulation.  Stimulating blood flow increases skin's oxygenation helping to eliminate inflammation-producing toxins.  Regular facial massage for just a few minutes a day can work wonders towards restoring healthy radiance and reducing puffiness.

Using your middle and index fingers firmly massage skin in small circles. Starting at the chin and moving towards the forehead, always working upwards and outwards.  Try this while you cleanse in the morning or when applying moisturizer at night.  Use a little extra and massage into skin tissuing off the excess.  A facial oil is also wonderful for facial massage.  Dingo's Wrinkle Defense Serum or 100% Pure Argan oil are both perfect for this use. Massage face three minutes twice a day if possible.


Winter is all about comfort foods. From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year's Eve, starchy and sugar-laden foods help boost our brain's serotonin levels, helping us shake off the winter blues.  Then comes Spring and a time for transformation!

Encourage the transformation by dropping the comfort foods and reaching for vitamin rich greens to boost the skin's collagen.  Antioxidant-rich berries are a tasty treat, and Omega-3 fats in fish, such as salmon and sardines, actually hydrate your skin from the inside out!  Miso and seaweed are full of enzymes to brighten both your mood and skin.

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